The Restaurant

“Meridionale” – the term in Italian used to all things from Rome and beneath its belt on the Italian peninsular. Given that every part of this country has its own style of cooking… we represent that southern half of the boot.

The passion felt between the two owners Roberto and Massimiliano for the culinary experience is heartfelt – and that is why “Meridionale” will never fall short on flavour.

The winning ingredients are a Neapolitan Chef with a passion for the southern tradition, a Roman Sommelier of Sicilian heritage, the vibrant atmosphere of Trastevere, one of Rome’s most authentic neighborhoods – and Dinner is served.

At Meridionale one finds a well rounded menu to fit all preferences. Tradition, quality sourcing of local produce, elegance in the dishes themselves and the quality of the staff come together to present total satisfaction.

Great pains are also taken to ensure that not only our chefs flare for the creative is satiated but also the clients palate in our daily specials.

“In the Kitchen, as in Love, only few ingredients are needed… but of great quality” … and that’s how we see things are Meridionale.